An Ideal Schedule

As is detailed in the book, an ideal schedule is what things would look like in a perfect world without distractions or other things that will inevitably throw your schedule off.  This is not meant to be a complete schedule and the blank spaces do not mean that that time is free.  Instead, this marks off time that you know in advance will be used week after week.  For the most part this is time that you have no control over as far as when it happens.  Also, for the matter of simplicity, “work” includes the time spent getting ready for work, commuting, and lunch.  You might have some flexibility with this such as reading a book on the bus or walking three days a week on your lunch hour.  If you can make use of such “work” time to accomplish your goals, you should note it if for no other reason than it’s a visual reminder that you are working on your goals.

Ideal schedule spreadsheet

Ideal schedule pdf