Example Goals

In the book there are six priorities outlined that a Christian should have.  Just because one priority is higher than another does not mean that you can only have goals in areas that are high priority.  In reality, you should probably have goals in all areas of your life.  Priorities come into play when you have to make difficult decisions on whether to set aside time for one priority or another.  In a perfect world you can achieve all of your Biblical, personal, family, and occupational goals.  Here are some examples of each type of goal.


  • Read through the Bible in one year
  • Spend 15 minutes a day in prayer


  • Attend all of my son’s basketball games
  • Have one night a week without distractions for family time


  • Give $5 more a week than last year
  • Help out with the summer outreach


  • Arrive at work on time every day
  • Complete my certification by December


  • Read the novel that I’ve wanted to read by the end of summer
  • Take a trip to the beach

The world around you

  • Volunteer monthly at the homeless shelter
  • Invite at least one person to church every month