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Complete Your Goals


Biblical Goal Setting

by Michael Stine

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What is a Biblical Goal?  How do you set a good goal?  For that matter, what is a good goal as opposed to a bad one?  If you’ve ever wondered about questions such as these, this book was written with you in mind.

A Biblical goal is one that will be set with certain priorities in mind, namely Biblical ones.  Christians should have different goals based upon the fact that they have different priorities than non-Christians.  Regardless what your priorities are though, setting about accomplishing your goals is not always easy.

This book is designed to not only help you set good goals, but also to prioritize them, and to finally help you plan and schedule so as to accomplish them.

On this website you’ll find some free resources that are designed to go along with the book.  They include example goals, blank schedules, and worksheets to help you plan a strategy.