About the Author

Michael Stine is first and foremost a pastor who loves preaching the Word of God. In addition to this he has run a series of websites since 1999. Collectively the websites make up Spreading Light Ministries. He also owns and operates Christian e-Publisher, a service that is designed to help authors get their books published and available to the public.

In addition to this book, Mike has written a series of devotions known as Devotions for Life.  They are available as a yearlong collection or individually by month.  Pastor Mike is also working on several other book projects include a third edition of his book Evangelism Unprocessed.  You can find all of his books for sale on his Amazon page.

Mike holds multiple degrees in Bible related areas. He has a B.S. in Bible from Lancaster Bible College where he also majored in Christian education. At Liberty University he obtained a Master of Arts in Religion with an emphasis in theology. He then returned a few years later to obtain a Masters of Religious Education.

Mike was married in July 2009 to his wife Merissa. They met in 2006 while Mike was an interim pastor at her church. They live with their two dogs and three cats.